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The Pacific Tuna Forum 2017


INFOFISH, the FAO GLOBEFISH sister organization based in Asia (Pacific region), is collaborating in the sixth edition of the Pacific Tuna Forum, whose theme this year is “Fostering Greater Social, Economic and Financial Benefits through Sustainable Tuna Management and Development”.

The international tuna supply chain is heavily dependent on catches from the Western and Central Pacific Ocean (WCPO), which contributes almost 60 percent of the global harvest of tuna species. The Pacific region is thus at the heart of the tuna industry, making the biannual Pacific Tuna Forum the best platform for all stakeholders to be informed of latest developments and opportunities in the region.

The event will take a closer look at the status of the tuna stocks in the WCPO, with a special focus on areas related to investments and market opportunities, processing and technology developments, and social responsibility and ecolabelling.


Date and venue

This year, the 6th Pacific Tuna Forum will take place at The Stanley Hotel & Suites, Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea, on 13-14 September 2017.

The Organizers

The Pacific Tuna Forum 2017 is jointly organized by INFOFISH, the National Fisheries Authority (NFA) of Papua New Guinea, the Forum Fisheries Agency (FFA), the Secretariat of the Pacific Community (SPC), the Western and Central Pacific Fisheries Commission (WCPFC), the Parties of the Nauru Agreement (PNA), the Pacific Islands Tuna Industry Association (PITIA) and the Papua New Guinea Fishing Industry Association (PNG FIA), and is supported by FAO GLOBEFISH.

Further information

Website: www.infofish.org

Email: info@infofish.org

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