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XVII Session of the Sub-Committee on Fish Trade


During the last week of November, member countries of FAO will meet in Vigo (Spain) for the XVII Session of the Sub-Committee on Fish Trade of the Committee on Fisheries (COFI:FT).

The Sub-Committee on Fish Trade was created in 1985 to serve as a multilateral framework for consultations on international trade of fish and fishery products, including pertinent aspects of production and consumption. It has become the most important global forum to discuss issues associated with the trade of fish and fish products. The sessions of the Sub-Committee take place every two years.

Countries and observers participate in the sessions to discuss contemporary issues involving the trade of fish and fish products, including recent trends and patterns. The agenda for the XVII Session of COFI:FT covers a wide range of topics such as statistics, global governance, dissemination of information on markets, quality and safety, small-scale fishers, product legality, biodiversity, traceability, and more.

In addition, present-day issues like the potential of trade in fisheries services and the request FAO received to develop guidance on socially responsible fish and aquaculture value chains will  be discussed.

For more information about the documents being presented and discussed in the upcoming Session of COFI:FT, as well as background information, please visit the COFI:FT dedicated website

Date: 25-29 November 2019 

Venue: Vigo, Spain 

Registration: For Representatives of FAO Member Countries, FAO Online registration will be accessible through the password-protected FAO Members Gateway.

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