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GLOBEFISH - Analysis and information on world fish trade

Here's looking to 20 years of GLOBEFISH and FIN presence at the Brussels Seafood Expo


In 1997, GLOBEFISH participated for the first time in the Brussels Seafood Expo Global (formerly known as the European Seafood Exposition), jointly with the FISHINFONetwork (FIN) services (Eurofish, INFOPESCA, INFOFISH, INFOSAMAK, INFOPECHE, INFOYU).

Since then, this key event has become a vital annual appointment for GLOBEFISH and FIN to network with seafood industry stakeholders, gather information about current issues and trends in fish trade, and broaden its ever growing group of correspondents from the industry.

Come to visit GLOBEFISH at booth 1305 Hall 6!

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2004 – Eurofish, INFOSAMAK and INFOFISH at the Swiss Import Promotion Programme (SIPPO)

2005- Jochen Nierentz, GLOBEFISH coordinator, during an informal discussion at the GLOBEFISH booth

2005 – INFOPESCA team at the European Seafood Exposition
2005 - Paola Sabatini, GLOBEFISH team member, at the GLOBEFISH booth

2006 – Tony Piccolo, GLOBEFISH team member, speaks with expo participants
2007 – The Eurofish team at their booth 2009 – GLOBEFISH (right to left: Karine Boisset, Helga Josupeit and Tony Piccolo) and Eurofish (Thomas Jensen) team in a moment of relaxation during the 2009 Seafood Expo Global

2011- GLOBEFISH team members Gloria Loriente, Karine Boisset and Jose Estors Carballo at the GLOBEFISH booth

2012 - Audun Lem, Deputy Director and GLOBEFISH Coordinator at the GLOBEFISH booth
2015 - The GLOBEFISH booth. Left to right: Yvette DieiOuadi, Nianjun Shen (GLOBEFISH Coordinator), Turan Rahimzadeh, Audun Lem 2016 - On the left, John Ryder, Branch Chief of FAO Products, Trade and Marketing Branch and Silvio Alejandro Catalano, GLOBEFISH team member (on the right) at the 2016 Seafood Expo Global

2016 - The INFOFISH booth at the Seafood Expo Global



and.......here's looking to many more!


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