COVID-19 Fisheries Market Analysis

GLOBEFISH has launched a survey on the impact of COVID-19 on fisheries and aquaculture. If you are involved in the sector you can participate by filling in this short questionnairePlease share this survey with relevant networks or other producers, processors, exporters or vendors of fish or fish products
The COVID-19 pandemic continues to have profound implications, shaping global demand and altering the supply patterns of many industries, not least the fisheries and aquaculture sector.

Fish and fish products need to move across borders with no restrictions, while in compliance with the existing measures to protect consumers’ health.

In order to assist the sector, GLOBEFISH will soon start disseminating a periodical newsletter covering past, current and future impacts of the pandemic on fisheries and aquaculture through the contribution of multiple participants in the value chain in different parts of the world

In this regard, we at GLOBEFISH would greatly appreciate your inputs and encourage you to respond to this questionnaire by Friday, the 10th of April.

The information collected will form a key basis for our assessment and enable the industry to better access current information. Please note that all the answers will be treated confidentially, and data will only be reported at aggregate levels.

The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) is continuously monitoring and sharing information on the COVID-19, particularly possible disruptions in the food supply chain and challenges in terms of logistics. GLOBEFISH is part of the Fisheries and Aquaculture Department of FAO, responsible for providing up-to-date market and trade information on fish and fish products.

We also would like to encourage you to browse the GLOBEFISH website (, particularly about information on markets (analysis on commodities and border rejections of selected markets), as well as the three major GLOBEFISH publications available at

Access to information is always key. In challenging times, information is fundamental!

For any further information, including possible ways to get more market data or to cooperate with GLOBEFISH, please e-mail us at [email protected].

Thank you for your time and contribution to this important survey to inform the sector.

Best Regards,