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GLOBEFISH - Analysis and information on world fish trade

European Price Report - July 2017

Year published: 2017

Monthly prices for about 600 fish products and an overview of the major trends on the European market, reported by an extensive correspondent network.

July 2017.

Abstract: Summer is the main consumption period for a number of important seafood species, including bivalves, canned tuna, cephalopods, and portion-sized seabass and seabream. However, for some other species, such as Alaska pollock, cod and carp, demand is close to zero. Prices for products in good demand have been rising, even for plate-sized seabass and seabream, for which prices have been relatively low so far this year. This demand can be expected to diminish as autumn approaches, to recover only at the end of the year for the Christmas and New Year festivities.

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