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The European seafood industry convened this month at the annual CONXEMAR event in Vigo, Spain. The general outlook is for higher prices over the approaching Christmas season, especially in the groundfish sector. In the canned tuna market, demand for finished product is reportedly low and customers have been conservative in their purchases. Tuna raw material prices have declined sharply as a result.
The FAO GLOBEFISH Chinese Fish Price Report, based on information supplied by industry correspondents, aims to provide guidance on broad price trends. In the last years, China remained the top fish producer in the world with strong linkages with this historical evolution growth of aquaculture vis-à-vis wild capture fisheries. In addition, China is a country where international trade plays a significant role in fish and fish products. The Chinese Fish Price Report fills an existing gap...
Both the European and Asian markets are characterised by limited activity and average demand at present. Landings are slow and prices are generally low to average. Vigo will again be the meeting place for seafood traders from all over Europe at the CONXEMAR seafood exhibition on 1-3 October 2019.
July 2019 issue, includes January - March 2019 statistics The publication contains detailed quarterly update on market trends for a variety of major commodities. Combining the price information collected for the European Price Report with other market survey data collected by FAO GLOBEFISH, the report provides a detailed update on market trends for a variety of major commodities. Key market data is presented in a time series tabular or graphical form with written analysis of...
The seafood market in Europe is characterized by slow activity and low demand at present. Weak demand for fishery products in China is overshadowing the European market, and prices are generally trending downward. There are some exceptions to this trend, however, and prices for tuna and squid have been rising.

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