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GLOBEFISH - Information and Analysis on World Fish Trade


The objective of this report is to give a comprehensive overview of the Korean post harvest fishery sector and to highlight the latest trends in production, processing, trade and distribution. The report gives an overview of the seafood processing industry describing production items, current tendencies in the product range and main policies. An analysis of seafood demand and consumer preference is included.
This document looks at the world lobster market for the four main commercial species: European lobster (Homarus gammarus), American lobster (Homarus americanus), rock lobster (Jasus sp) and tropical or spiny lobster (Panulirus sp).
Due to the rapidly changing production processes in aquaculture worldwide (e.g. submergible cages, sea ranching, intensification, aquaponics and recirculation systems), which sometimes increase vulnerability to disease outbreaks and which generally require large investments from aquaculturists, over the last decades the demand for insurance to share and cover the risks involved has increased significantly within the aquaculture sector. Risk management is increasingly gaining attention within the aquaculture sector, which is reflected in the development and increasing implementation...
This edition of the Globefish report describes the current status of these new species on the European market and the major features of marketing aquaculture finfish reared in the Mediterranean basin.
The purpose of this study was to try to analyze the impact of the super market development in two Latin American countries, Brazil and Peru, on the marketing channel of fish and seafood with particular reference to the artisanal fisheries sector. In this connection the study also describes the artisanal fisheries sector in both countries in some detail.

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