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GLOBEFISH - Information et Analyse sur le Commerce Mondial du Poisson


July 2020 Issue, includes with January to March 2020 Statistics. The publication contains detailed quarterly update on market trends for a variety of major commodities. Combining the price information collected for the European Price Report with other market survey data collected by FAO GLOBEFISH, the report provides a detailed update on market trends for a variety of major commodities. Key market data is presented in a time series tabular or graphical form with written analysis of trends and key events...
The GLOBEFISH Trade Statistics focus on trends in trade flows for the major product groups and most important traders using the most recently available data. Data is sourced from the relevant trade statistics agency of the respective reporting country or territory. Due to differences in reporting lag, global level data will exclude any trade that had not been reported by the relevant reporting body as of the last month specified for year-to-date aggregation. Product groups...
Commodity updates from around the world on prices, production, processing, imports, and exports for the main fish commodities. This information is collated at GLOBEFISH, the FAO centre for international fish trade information. The information is taken form the network of GLOBEFISH correspondents, the European Price Report, GLOBEFISH Highlights, INFOFISH Trade News, FAO FISHDAB, EUROSTAT and others. Read on issuu: