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Authors: Fatima Ferdouse; Susan Løvstad Holdt; Rohan Smith; Pedro Murúa; Zhengyong Yang This report is an update of the status of the global seaweed market: production figures from culture and capture, the size of the international market for seaweed and its commercially important extracts, the leading nations by region, developments in processing and utilization technology, and innovations in the industry, as well as the challenges and outlook for the industry. As it is not possible to feature all individual countries of importance...
Author: Torrie, M.; Oceans cover around 70 percent of the earth, hold 97 percent of the earth's water, produce more than half of the atmosphere's oxygen and sequester large quantities of carbon. This report looks at the policy interactions between the fishery, oil and gas and seabed-mining sectors through a policy review of four case countries: Norway, Namibia, Angola and Indonesia.
Carrageenan seaweed farming based primarily on the cultivation of Kappaphycus and Eucheuma species has grown significantly in the Philippines and Indonesia in the last two decades. Growth has also taken place on a smaller scale in the United Republic of Tanzania and a few other developing countries. Thanks to attributes such as relatively simple farming techniques, low requirements of capital and material inputs, and short production cycles, carrageenan seaweed farming has become a favourable livelihood source for smallholder farmers or...