Fiscal, Financial and Economic Analysis

Summary of information used for measurement, assessment and decision-making, resulting from the use of methodologies and techniques for collecting, processing and evaluating the data of a programme or project, which has impacts on the economic, social, financial and fiscal aspects of a population, its institutions and the system binding them together. These analyses seek to determine, during ex-ante evaluations, which options will maximize the return on an investment which will be made in the various areas of intervention of LAPs.

Freehold Land (Predio)

This concept refers to a continuous unit of delimited land surface, i.e. a finite area of land. The Spanish word predio comes from the Latin praedium which means inheritance or estate. Freehold land is defined by its location, limits and area. It is used in Latin American countries to refer to land belonging to one or more owners, whether in a rural or urban area. Freehold land is one of the basic components of the cadastre identifying, locating and recording the particular features of a finite area of land, and supporting and rendering the rights to it legally binding.

Full tenure

Raising to full tenure: activity of giving up possession, right to communal use or ejidal in favour of individual private ownership.