The module 4 Corresponds to impacts on beneficiary households where LAPs seek security and legal certainty about land ownership.

Module 4: Household Livelihoods

Final report and generation of outcome tables

The structure is described below of the impact evaluation reports, taking into account the methodological items presented above.

Final report structure

  • Executive summary: This must contain a summary of the results obtained.
  • Development of the key components relating to the conceptual design.
  • Outline of the key aspects of the organization, operation of field work and compliance with sample collection.
  • Presentation of the change theory that explains the expected effects and hypotheses considered for the indicators to be evaluated.
  • Characteristics and calculations involved in the sample design.
  • Outcome formats of the statistical data obtained.
  • Analysis of the importance and significance of the results found according to the evaluation indicators considered.
  • Analysis of no response and its impact on estimators of precision and confidence.