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IARBIC won the “International Competition for Best Sustainable Development Practices (BSDPs)” of the EXPO Milano 2015


IARBIC has been selected among the winners of the International Competition for Best Sustainable Development Practices (BSDPs)” of the EXPO Milano 2015. The Award Ceremony will be held on 6 July in the Auditorium of the Palazzo Italia at the Expo in Milan. IARBIC together with the other 17 winning BSDPs will also be presented during the BSDP week from 7-11 July taking place at the Conference Center of the Expo Milano.  

The event will be a fruitful occasion to highlight successful projects, services, products, and scientific solutions for food security that really meet the needs of developing countries.

The goal of Expo Milano 2015 BSDPs is to set a benchmark for best practices aiming at food security and sustainable development, comprising environmental, social, technical and scientific areas.

The 18 winners were selected among 786 proposals submitted until October 31, 2014. By being presented at the EXPO itself, IARBIC and its good practices will offer a lasting legacy related to food security and sustainable development worldwide.