Improve Agricultural Monitoring Systems through Satellite Imagery for Iran

Zanjan Province - Land cover map

Year published: 21/11/2019

To implement the project Improved Agriculture Monitoring Systems through Satellite Imagery for Iran, three parts of the country were selected as pilot areas: Zanjan and Mazandaran provinces, and south Kerman region. For each area, some basic information was obtained, including crop calendars, statistics on the status of major agricultural products, political boundaries, land use, and land cover maps and climatic Agro-Ecological Zone (AEZ) maps.

This poster shows the mapped province of Zanjan. The process for developing it started from Sentinel-2 satellite images (period: 1 Jan- 31 Dec 2017). Preprocessing was performed using SNAp software. The NDVI was then calculated for each image for 12 months of the year.

The map includes orchards, irrigated lands, water bodies, rangelands, and bare-area classes.