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Webinar | What’s lurking in your value chain? Uncovering the hidden costs of gender-based violence in agriculture

30/10/2019 2:30 PM CET - 4:00 PM CET

When: Wednesday 30 October 2019, 2:30 PM CET - 4:00 PM CET

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This webinar will explore the costs of gender-based violence that could be “lurking” in programs focused on agriculture and food security. The discussion will feature a range of perspectives from project implementers, representatives from donors and the private sector.

This participation-focused event will be useful for agriculture and gender specialists alike, especially those interested in evidence-based lessons, resources, and tools for understanding and responding to gender-based violence at the project level.


  • Ghosts in the System – An overview of the visible and hidden impacts of gender-based violence
  • Afraid to Ask? – A panel discussion on the costs of gender-based violence for implementing organizations, donors, and the private sector
  • What Haunts You? – Moderated Q&A with participants
  • Ghostbusting – Actions, resources, tools, and prospects for design, measurement, and adaptation for understanding and responding to economic violence in agriculture
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