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Special Report - FAO Crop and Food Supply Assessment Mission to Sudan


Between 17 November and 15 December 2017, assisted by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry (MoAF) carried out its annual Assessment Mission to determine crop production and the food supply situation throughout the 18 states of the Sudan. The Mission consisted of six core teams comprising members from the MoAF, the Food Security Technical Secretariat (FSTS) of the MoAF, the Ministry of Animal Resources (MoAR), the Humanitarian Aid Commission (HAC), the Strategic Reserve Corporation (SRC), FAO, FEWS NET, WFP and USAID. Prior to departure, the team members attended a preliminary Training Workshop in Khartoum to standardize the methodology to be used in the field and to prepare the teams for the field visits.

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