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Alternative livelihoods working glossary



What exactly does "livelihoods diversification" mean? Diversification refers to those individual, household, and community level strategies and objectives that are pursued alongside, or in lieu of, traditional agricultural activities to diversify income streams and reduce risk.5 Livelihoods diversification is the approach of having more than one income stream across on-farm, offfarm, non-farm work, etc.

From ‘formal work’ to the ‘informal economy,’ ‘self-employment’ to ‘entrepreneurship,’ and ‘off-farm’ to ‘non-farm’ livelihoods, alternative livelihoods terminology can be confusing. The blurred lines of income classification can be even more challenging within food security initiatives that operate in unpredictable environments, where constantly shifting work opportunities within agriculture and beyond are the norm. This glossary, produced by SCALE, offers definitions and clarifications for some of these terms.

Download it from the FSN Network Resource Library here.

Access the recording of a recent webinar produced by SCALE on this topic

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