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KORE - Knowledge Sharing Platform on Resilience

USAID Center for Resilience
As part of USAID's commitment to working with communities to strengthen their resilience, USAID has elevated resilience to an objective in the Global Food Security Strategy, prioritizing approaches that strengthen households' and communities' absorptive, adaptive, and transformative resilience capacities. To [...]
  Incorporating drones into resilience efforts can help minimize impacts of a disaster and enhance a community's ability to respond to events.  e-Agriculture is organizing a learning event on the use of drones in agriculture and rural development from 16 to [...]
How many times have you heard yourself saying “we don’t need to reinvent the wheel”? How often have your been asked to take stock of what has been done? Do you want to know how to learn lessons from the [...]
Locusts and grasshoppers are a serious threat to agriculture, including pastures and rangelands, in Caucasus and Central Asia, with an area of more than 25 million hectares concerned. During outbreaks, the three main locust pests, the Italian Locust, the Moroccan Locust and the Migratory Locust, attack all kinds [...]
Harina Devi Khatri and her husband Bishnu are vegetable farmers with three children who live in Hirapur Doti district in Nepal. Thanks to the BRACED Anukulan project they are now linked to markets and services through their local Rural Collection [...]
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