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Erratic weather conditions and conflict curb 2021 production prospects in northern provinces, likely increasing the levels of food insecurity
Highlights Rainfall deficits since the start of the cropping season in northern Cabo Delgado and Nampula provinces have negatively affected crops, curbing cereal production prospects in 2021. The ongoing conflict in Cabo Delgado Province and the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic have [...]
This webinar will launch the series of five webinars called “Community Engagement Days” organised by the Inclusive Rural Transformation and Gender Equity Division (ESP) of FAO in collaboration with the Belgian Cooperation.  The series will review achievements, potential and challenges of [...]
Acute Malnutrition hits record levels in Yemen with a devastating toll on children under five
Over 2.25 million cases of children aged 0 to 59 months, and more than a million cases of pregnant and lactating women, are projected to suffer from acute malnutrition in the course of 2021 in Yemen. Out of the 35 [...]
Monitoring Report – January 2021
This report shares the analysis on the effects of the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) in the agri-food system in the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela based on the assessment conducted during August–September 2020. Funded by the United States Agency for International Development [...]
Co-Organized by IFPRI and the International Consortium on Applied Bioeconomy Research (ICABR) The COVID-19 pandemic presents new challenges and new opportunities for publicly funded food and agricultural research in the global South. Growing government deficits related to the pandemic threaten funding for [...]