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KORE - Knowledge Sharing Platform on Resilience

  In order to enhance the knowledge base on and support the uptake of good practices in climate change adaptation in the agricultural sectors, FAO will be organizing a series of webinar modules titled “Scaling-up of Adaptation in the Agricultural Sectors”. [...]
  Scaling up of Adaptation in the Agricultural Sectors (SAAS) Module 1: Ecosystem-based Adaptation (EbA) in the agricultural sectors Webinar 1: Introduction to ecosystem-based adaptation in the agricultural sectors: Context, approaches and lessons learned Date: Wednesday, November 22nd, 15:00 – 16:30 CEST (UTC/GMT+1) The [...]
  #COP23. We are pleased to announce three High Level Engagement Events on Resilience that are being organized in Bonn, Germany on 13 and 14 November under Marrakech Partnership on Global Climate Action (GCA). These events will discuss the priority climate actions needed [...]
In the lead up to Paris, firm commitments were made by both State and non-state actors to work together to build climate resilience. These commitments were reflected in the Paris Agreement, which for the first time, set global ambitions to strengthen [...]
  Approximately 83 percent of the total area of Kenya is classified as arid and semi-arid land (ASAL) with most agricultural and pastoralist activities depending on rain in order to be sustainable. This makes the country vulnerable to extreme droughts. Climate [...]
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