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KORE - Knowledge Sharing Platform on Resilience

Since 2014 the Joint Research Centre of the European Commission produced an annual report on food insecurity hotspots to allow informed based decisions on food crisis allocations at global level. In 2016, to increase quality and transparency to the report, the [...]
Le développement durable ne peut être atteint sans moyens d’existence résilients. Partout dans le monde, les populations vulnérables sont de plus en plus exposées aux aléas naturels et aux crises: sécheresse, inondations, séismes, épidémies ou encore conflits, perturbations du marché [...]
The pursuit of gender equality and women’s empowerment is essential in crisis situations. A strong body of evidence exists that hunger and rural poverty can be reduced when gender equality is factored into programming. Men, women, boys and girls are [...]
In the context of the increased complexity of crises, protracted displacement, overstretched capacity and the lack of resources for meeting growing humanitarian needs, development and humanitarian actors are joining forces to find innovative approaches to effectively address these needs. Within this [...]
Sustainable development cannot be achieved without resilient livelihoods. Men and women around the world are increasingly exposed to natural hazards and crises, from drought, floods, earthquakes and disease epidemics to conflict, market shocks and complex, protracted crises. Worldwide, 75 percent [...]
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