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Natural hazards
A major transformation of food systems is needed to achieve food and nutrition security globally in the context of a changing climate. In this context, the UK—as part of its COP26 Presidency—has launched the ‘Transforming Agricultural Innovation for People, Nature and Climate’ campaign to catalyze a [...]
The magnitude and severity of food crises worsened in 2020 as protracted conflict, the economic fallout of COVID-19 and weather extremes exacerbated pre-existing fragilities. Forecasts point to a grim outlook for 2021, with the threat of Famine persisting in some [...]
Jeudi 29 avril8:30 am - 9:30 am ESTInscrivez-vous ici Ce webinaire partagera les avancées innovantes de deux projets axés sur les systèmes d’alerte précoce, le changement climatique, la résilience et la sécurité alimentaire en Afrique sub-saharienne. Les deux projets, l'un en [...]
An event presented by the Global Resilience Partnership  Monday 26 April15:00 - 16:00 CESTRegister here This webinar will expose different perspectives on how resilience is being applied - in research and practice - to confront and understand security and conflict risks in the Anthropocene. The speakers [...]
Drought expected to significantly reduce cereal production and pasture availability, with severe consequences for food security in 2021
Highlights Significant rainfall deficits and high temperatures during the 2020/21 cropping season have negatively impacted cereal crop and pasture conditions in key producing southwestern and central provinces. Food insecurity in 2021 is expected to deteriorate in the affected areas, particularly in southwestern [...]
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