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Increasing storage space for small farmers in Ethiopia

27 Sep 2017
Increasing storage space and ensuring small farmers’ access to warehouses ranks high on the agenda of the Agricultural Transformation Agency (ATA) of the Government of Ethiopia.


ATA began piloting the Cooperative Storage Project (CSP) in 2015, an initiative aimed at increasing grain storage infrastructure and providing capacity building for farmers’ unions and primary cooperatives on warehouse management. Cooperative storage enables farmers to aggregate their surplus grain for sale to larger buyers at more favourable prices. So far the project has provided warehouses and capacity building for 40 primary cooperatives and four cooperative unions in priority grain-producing areas of the country.


ATA recently requested MAFAP to evaluate the first phase of the project and to provide recommendations to guide the impending scale-up to the national level, specifically on: warehouse operation and management training, mechanisms to ensure community ownership through financial and in-kind contributions to the project, post-harvest loss reduction opportunities and integration of CSP with other ongoing commercialization initiatives such as the Integrated Agro-Industrial Parks, the Strategic Grain Reserve and contract farming initiatives.


Recommendations will also be considered in the drafting of the new National Storage Strategy, spearheaded by ATA at the request of the Transformation Council, chaired by the Prime Minister.