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ATAI and MAFAP scope policy opportunities

13 Dec 2017
MAFAP invited the Agricultural Technology Adoption Initiative leadership and staff to conduct presentations and meetings at FAO headquarters in Rome to identify mutual opportunities for evidence-informed policymaking in agriculture


ATAI and MAFAP are interested to work together as such opportunities arise to use rigorous evidence in active policy engagements, particularly those that are demand-driven and arising from MAFAP’s ongoing relationships with Ministries of Agriculture. Potential collaborations over the next six months were specifically identified in Ethiopia, Rwanda, Senegal, and Uganda.

Meetings were productive and promising, given ATAI and MAFAP share similar goals, work in similar geographies, while bringing complementary expertise to the table. ATAI shared a synthesis of emerging insights from randomized evaluations in the morning session. The afternoon included an FAO seminar on protecting farmers from risk, and what we’re learning from a decade of experimentation, including a case study from experimenting with insurance and credit in Amhara, Ethiopia. (

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