Mitigation of Climate Change in Agriculture (MICCA) Programme


Location: COP22: Press Conference Room 1
Global Landscapes Forum Launch Pad
From 16/11/2016 To 16/11/2016
Location: COP22 Marrakech: Global Landscapes Forum
Location: COP22 Marrakech: EU Pavilion Brussels Room
Location: COP22 Marrakech: EU Pavilion, Bratislava Room

The EU Side event is organized together with Finland, United Republic of Tanzania, FAO, UNEP and Wageningen University. Each representantive will give a presentation of comprehensive insights into sustainable agriculture,...

Launch of the Photo Exhibit on Peat
From 07/11/2016 To 18/11/2016
Location: COP22 Marrakech: Exhibition Hall
Location: Online

In this webinar, you will learn tips on how to manage an online community of practice, with focus on the experience and lessons learned from the MICCA Programme communities of...

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