The NAP-Ag Knowledge Tank aims to bring forward key tools and knowledge resources to stakeholders working in areas of climate change adaptation, resilience and disaster risk reduction in agriculture sectors (including forestry and fisheries). It is tailored, in particular, to support the formulation and implementation of NAPs and adaptation planning.

The Knowledge Tank complements the supplementary guidelines for addressing agriculture, forestry and fisheries in national adaptation plans  which enables non-agriculture specialists to understand the issues at stake.

Key features of the Knowledge Tank:

The Knowledge Tank complements other databases and platforms, such as FAO’s TECA platform which covers technologies and practices for smallholder agricultural producers, UNDP’s website and knowledge-sharing platform, the, the NAP Global Network; UNEP’s Global Adaptation Network (GAN), the EbA solution portal.

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The Knowledge Tank is regularly updated, and relevant resources are added. Suggestions and comments are welcome to: [email protected]