Tool categories

The NAP-Ag Knowledge Tank contains various categories of tools and knowledge resources, defined here.

Article or Presentation

This category includes scientific and other articles, relatively short briefing materials, blogs, infographics, presentations in conferences and shared online.


Procedures, techniques, guidelines, giving practical recommendations on the “how to” for doing adaptation planning in the agriculture sectors.


Software or simulation tools that allow the user to insert data and receive results.

Database or Platform

Facts or statistics collected together for analysis; a structured set of data, for example in an Excel sheet; a hub; a community or social media meeting place online.

Learning material

Provide concrete information in a didactic way, e.g. through guidebooks, e-learning materials with questions and/or exercises for the learner to deepen their knowledge.

Case study

Information or analysis of a specific context or process either at local, sub-regional, national, regional or global setting within a specific timeframe.

Publication or Report


Videos (e.g. YouTube; recorded presentations, webinars), audio tracks or other product using various media.