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Year: 2016
FAO presentation on adaptation in the agriculture sector
Year: 2016
Overview of FAO’s work on climate change adaptation as well as the types of country-level support FAO offers for NAPs.
Year: 2015
FAO and the United Nations Development programme (UNDP) are joining forces to support countries as they integrate their agriculture sectors in the National Adaptation Plans (NAPs) process through the Integrating Agriculture in National Adaptation Plans...
Year: 2015
The slides present:1.The concept of NAPs 2.FAO-UNDP NAPs programme 3.Introduction to NAMAs 4.FAO online learning tool on NAMAs in agriculture 5.Financing mechanisms for NAPs and NAMAs. The...
Year: 2013
Food Security and Climate Change. Ways forward for strengthening resilience and building synergies between adaptation and mitigation. Overview of new FAO knowledge on adaptation and mitigation optionAlexandre Meybeck, FAO. Bonn, 4th June 2013
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