Improved Pesticides and Chemicals Management in the Former Soviet Union

A tracking tool compares planned dates for output delivery against actual date of delivery. The tool is updated on a monthly basis, and current project status is shown in the triangle diagram below, each axis of the graph is representing one of the main outcomes:

  • Disposal of obsolete pesticides are activities ending with the safe and sound disposal of approx. 1,300 t of old stocks;
  • Pesticide life-cycle management will lead to an improved day-to-day management of modern pesticides in countries, and
  • Cross-cutting activities include an assessment of waste management options in the region and the production of a series of guidelines.

Almost all activities are currently within +/- 2 months on schedule. This is shown by the green surface covering all mid-term targets but still having to reach the bounds of the yellow surface, which is due by November 2014.

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October 2014       DOWNLOAD