Improved Pesticides and Chemicals Management in the Former Soviet Union

An FAO Government Cooperative Programme (GCP) agreement was signed with Ukraine on 11 March 2013, with the project agreement based on the technical description of the programme, developed by FAO for the European Commission.

The agreed focus of the project activities in Ukraine are:

  • Technical and engineering support for the construction of a multimodal hazardous waste management centre in the country, including the preparation of BAT list on disposal of different organic waste;
  • Completion of a study of pesticides/HCB contaminated land aimed at prioritization of its further treatment;
  • Capacity building in the creation of an empty container management system;
  • A full review of current waste management and pesticide legislation and the issuing of recommendations for its harmonization with EU Directives;
  • Capacity building and technical assistance in the development of the complex system of measures aimed at minimizing the turn-over of illegal pesticides;
  • A review of the current use of HHPs and the development of a plan to phase out their use in Ukraine through the promotion of lower risk alternative pest control systems; and
  • Development of a national awareness and communications plan linked to the above activities.