Program of Brazil-FAO International Cooperation

Consolidation of School Feeding Programs in Latin America and the Caribbean

The GCP/RLA/223 BRA project was signed with the aim of consolidating and strengthening school feeding programs in LAC, especially with a view to changing dietary habits through food and nutrition education actions and the incorporation of fresh produce and healthy to food in schools. The project seeks to consolidate itself as a strategy to reach the SDGs, especially the goals foreseen in SDGs 1,2, 3, 4, 8, 12 and 17.

Main strategies of action:

  • Review and analyze the demands of the countries in light of the previous constructions and propose follow-up actions to guarantee the sustainability of the EA programs.
  • Strengthen and consolidate the school feeding policies of the countries based on the principles and organizations of previously initiated programs.
  • Develop and strengthen human capacities for the execution of local policies, having as main axis the training of managers, administrators, technicians, nutritionists, teachers, local coordinators of education, among others.
  • Accompany, monitor and evaluate the programmed activities.

The main activities planned for the period from June 2018 to May 2019:

1. Strengthen AE policies developed at the regional level through two major activities:

1.1 Organize and participate in the Week of Agriculture of the Caribbean with two days of emphasis on the theme AE in Barbados - October 2018

1.2 Participate and develop activities in FAO Food Week - in Argentina, Nov / 2018

2. Promote the exchange of experiences between Caribbean countries in Grenada and Guatemala

2.1 Conduct technical visit in Guatemala - August 2018

2.2 Conduct technical visit to Granada - Sept / 2018

3. Systematize good practices of school feeding in the Region through the AE good practices contest.

3.1 Conduct and award the contest

3.2 Produce Notebook of Good practices in AE.

4. Develop actions together with the FNDE and WFP / Center of Excellence related to the UN / FAO / OPAS Decade of Nutrition for LAC and Africa.

5. Offer a diploma course to professionals in the area of ​​nutrition and education in Central American countries, in conjunction with universities in Brazil and Honduras - 2019

6. Promote the Regional Meeting to identify the main policies for indigenous communities - with emphasis on School Feeding in conjunction with Project GCP/RLA/160/BRA