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Programa de Cooperação Internacional Brasil-FAO

Contest will award the best good practices in school feeding programmes in Latin America and the Caribbean

Municipal and national governments, universities, parents associations and farmers organizations can participate.

Foto: Fabiola Alcorta/FAO

Santiago de Chile, April 16th, 2018 – With the goal of giving visibility to the successful experiences of school feeding programmes, sharing knowledge and stimulating the development of successful initiatives, the contest Good Practices in SFPs in Latin America and the Caribbean is open for applications since today (16). 

Promoted by FAO and the Government of Brazil, municipal and national governments (managers of the Ministry of Education, Health, Agriculture and/or Social Development, such as nutritionists, technical assistants, school principals, and school feeding councilors), universities, parents associations, and farmers' organizations. 

Applications with the materials and forms required will be accepted until June 15, 2018. The award ceremony will take place in October 2018 during FAO celebration of the World Food Day. 


The applicants can participate with one or more good practices in how many categories they wish to. The categories are: 

a)         Food and Nutrition Education/school gardens

b)         Social Participation and control

c)         Alliances and strategic actions

d)         Procurement from family farming for SFPs

e)         Programme monitoring and evaluation systems

f)          Food preparation and distribution

g)         Management programmes

h)         Other innovative experiences



The three best good practices presented will be chosen based on the evaluation of the committee formed to this end, which will receive: 

a)       Honorable mention to all the winners.

b)       Money prizes for the purchase of equipment and/or utensils for serving food in schools:      

USD$ 5,000 – first place

USD$ 3,000 – second place

USD$ 1,000 – third place


c)       Inclusion of the experience in a digital publication of good practices in school feeding programmes that will be produced in the framework of the Brazil-FAO International Cooperation Project.