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Le programme Qualité et Origine

Relevance of a Geographical Indication for salt from Senegal’s Pink Lake

Year published: 19/04/2018
Geographical Indications (GIs) now benefit from a favorable context, both at the international level and in Africa. Senegal, a member of the African Intellectual Property Organization (OAPI), has a potential of traditional products which quality is linked to their origin.
Pink Lake Salt, a typical Senegalese product which production remains traditional, would benefit from a strategy based on the virtuous circle of origin-linked quality, in order to enhance the value of the product for national consumers and for export, and allow it to emerge from a poorly differentiated market.
This approach could also help to preserve the Pink Lake ecosystem, improve the working conditions of the value chain stakeholders and strengthen collective action.
To this scope, certain steps still need to be taken with regard to the coordination of stakeholders, the improvement of quality (generic and specific), the awareness raising of consumers, the recognition and the credibility of the monitoring and traceability system of the product.

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