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Quality and Origin Program

Welcome to the Quality&Origin Identification Tool

The Quality&Origin Identification Tool is intended to facilitate the identification of the link between a product and its geographical origin and the different stages necessary to develop a GI process and enter the virtuous quality circle.

See the methodology on identification and inventories

Origin-linked products can become the pivotal point of an origin-linked virtuous circle, through a territorial strategy of promotion, which effects are reinforced over time. This allows the creation of value, preservation of bio-cultural assets, activation of social networks, all contributing to sustainable production and consumption system. The first step to enter the circle is the identification phase; it is crucial to assess whether there is a specific quality linked to a geographical origin (Product), what the resources involved are (Place) and who the stakeholders mobilized for such a process are (People).

The Identification Tool is an online-offline tool where one can:

  • Identify whether a product has a quality linked to its geographical origin (see questionnaire 1: identification).
  • Facilitate the comprehension of all the dimensions that have to be considered in order to develop a GI process and enter the virtuous circle (download the questionnaires 2 and 3).

NOTE: GIs are not the only option to enhance territorial development. Other voluntary standards could be, in some cases, more suitable. Furthermore, voluntary standards, as GIs, cannot solve all public policy problems and other types of instrument could be more adapted.