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Remote sensing for water productivity

Capacity development

Capacity development component (output 4) builds on the information gathered and analysed through other components and, as such, include cross-cutting activities.

Capacity development activities will be carried out in three, to be selected, pilot countries that will provide knowledge and experience to replicate and scale up similar future activities in other areas and countries. The activities for this output will focus on sustainable implementation of the specialized ICT solutions to improve water productivity in two specific contexts: (1) agricultural activities in large irrigation schemes, and (2) agricultural activities of small holder farmers in rain-fed and smaller scale irrigated agriculture.

Near real time spatially distributed information can help understanding the performance of water management related to agriculture. ICT solutions will be introduced to enable locally relevant use of the data from the spatial database. The ICT solutions to be developed consist of applications that can be run on (smart) phones, tablets, and/or PC’s.

This output will also contain a communication and advocacy strategy to ensure that all stakeholders will become aware of the programme outputs, and how they can be used to increase water productivity.

Pic by Neil Palmer (CIAT)