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Renforcement des capacités pour la sécurité alimentaire

Expert Consultation Workshop on Seed Security Assessment

From 12/12/2013 To 13/12/2013
Location: Addis Ababa, Jupiter International Hotel

The Expert Consultation Workshop was organized jointly by TCE and AGPMG, the two FAO Divisions in charge of the Seed Component of the project, and brought together staff of the project and practitioners from key institutions involved in seed systems security assessments (SSSA) in Africa, Europe and Latin America. The structure of the workshop was organized into four segments as follows:

• Segment 1 – Seed Security Conceptual Framework

• Segment 2 – Seed assessment lessons learned (methodology and uptake)

• Segment 3 – Community of Practice: case studies

• Segment 4 – The ECHO project

During the workshop, key presentations were made followed by intensive plenary discussions. The participants were also divided into small technical working groups to deliberate important technical issues and draw conclusions.

Key discussion points at the workshop

• The need for more effective linkage between seed assessments and subsequent analysis, interpretation, action and learning. The conceptual framework should be the heart of the SSSA, making it easier for practitioners to understand the process.

• A concern that vulnerable farmers deserve durable results. NGO managers are to be selected to carry out implementation and there should be a move towards more e-learning for training of trainers.

• A win-win situation achieved when capacity building is targeted as the right people coupled with an ability to combine all relevant experiences. Concentrating on the training of trainers seems to be the way forward.

• Farmers should be assisted to become more resilient by supporting them in the short-term while making their seed production sustainable in the future.

The Workshop report is available here.