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Tropical Agriculture Platform (TAP)

Piloting the Common Framework in 8 countries

The concepts and tools of the new TAP Common Framework are being applied in eight countries in Africa (Angola, Burkina Faso, Ethiopia, Rwanda), Asia (Bangladesh, Laos) and Central America (Guatemala, Honduras), as part of an initiative called CDAIS, or Capacity Development for Agricultural Innovation Systems.

Launched in 2015, the initiative, implemented by Agrinatura, a grouping of European universities and research organizations supporting agricultural development, and FAO, with the financial support from the European Union, is bringing together key stakeholders in the agricultural innovation systems of each pilot countries to assess needs as  well as to elaborate and implement national capacity development plans for agricultural innovation. The ultimate objective is to promote innovation that meets the needs of small farmers, small and medium-sized agribusiness and consumers. 

Globally, CDAIS will use the lessons learnt in those countries to further develop the global TAP mechanism to promote, coordinate and evaluate capacity development with a view to strengthen demand-driven agricultural innovation as a catalyst of sustainable agricultural growth. 

Latest activities in the pilot countries: