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Facilitating capacity development for agricultural innovation

CDAIS Capacity Needs Assessment (CNA) Validation Workshop and Marketplace - Rwanda

Two one day events, the CNA validation workshop and the Marketplace, were organized in Kigali, Rwanda, at the beginning of December 2016. During the two months before these events, capacity needs of five innovation partnerships – also known as niches - in Rwanda were assessed and draft capacity development plans developed.  These niches include: 1. Cassava – Ruhango district; 2. Rwangingo catchment and horticulture – Gatsibo and Nyagatare districts; 3. Matimba catchment – Nyagatare district; 4. Community Processing Centre (CPC) – Burera district; 5. Mainstreaming nutrition through Twigire Muhinzi – Musanze district. The results of the assessments were validated by niche representatives in the validation workshop on 7 December 2016. Participants included farmers, input suppliers, transporters, processors, policy makers, researchers and extensionists, with valuable learning occurring between the different partnerships and some subsequent modification of perceived capacity needs.

Validated information on capacity needs and suggestions for approaches to addressing them were presented to capacity development providers and development organizations on 8 December 2016 at a so-called marketplace, facilitating the matching of capacity needs to complementary activities and relevant service providers in Rwanda, as well as to potential providers of development assistance.  At the end of the marketplace, there was agreement to continue the dialogue and future collaboration between the innovation partnerships, development partners and service providers that expressed a willingness to contribute in addressing functional and other capacity gaps identified.  Rwanda is the first of the CDAIS countries where the CNA validation workshop and the Marketplace took place.  

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