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Country Programming Framework- 2018

The priorities set in the NITI Aayog’s seven year National Development Agenda and the medium term Three Year Action Agenda as well as the Union Budget represent the key overarching framework for the agriculture sector.

CPF priority areas identified clearly support smallholders in developing productivity and competitiveness and in improving livelihood and reducing rural poverty for disadvantaged groups. Wherever relevant synergies will be created between the priority areas and the activities being implemented under each priority area.



Upcoming Meetings and Events

  • 01-02 February 2021, New Delhi

    Workshop on Food Insecurity Experience Scale (FIES)

    The Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation (MoSPI) and the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations (FAO) are jointly organizing a “Workshop on Food Insecurity Experience Scale and its Potential Use for Monitoring Prevalence of Food Insecurity in India”.

    This workshop will discuss various methodological issues related to Food Insecurity Experience Scale, in the context of its possible inclusion in official surveys for monitoring SDG Indicator 2.1.2. The workshop is likely to play a key role in facilitating the design of pilot surveys that will be undertaken in selected States and districts to ascertain the applicability of this tool in the Indian context.