Indigenous peoples

Schools and children take action!

Activities to support the #IndigenousWomen, Visible Women campaign 

1. Join the campaign

Click here to make the registration of the school or organization and send your logo to so it could be published on the campaign website. 



2. Draw and make #IndigenousWomen visible!

Draw a picture of the work that indigenous women from your community do to produce healthy food and to contribute to eradicate hunger and malnutrition.

Scan it and send it to Do not forget to write on the email: 

a) Complete name of the author of each picture

b) Name of the school or organization 

c) Name of your community and country

d) Name of a teacher or coordinator and email for further contact

e) Small description of the picture (no more than 8 lines)



3. Spread the word!

Read more about indigenous women and their contribution to food security and nutrition here. 

Download the campaign materials here and share them on your social-media channels.



For further information and to register any activity developed within the framework of the Global Campaign for the Empowerment of Indigenous Women, please contact