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FAO and indigenous visual art

31/01/2017 - 

The designs of three young indigenous artists have been selected in the open call for visual art launched by FAO last year. The objective was to gather images that reflect the unique vision of indigenous peoples and their connection to their traditional lands, territories and natural resources. They will be used to illustrate the joint work of FAO with indigenous peoples. 

Meet the selected artists and their work!                                                

Zingsho Vashum is a Naga home-grown artist from Guwahati, Assam. She is a visual designer by profession. Her artwork explores diverse mediums and incorporates various styles including contemporary, portrait, mix-media and abstract design. She belongs to the Talui Naga tribe and focuses on themes of migration, identity and gender-linked beauty norms. She also works for Priscilla Centre, Guwahati which is home to thousands of women from North East India, and gives them the opportunity to lead a self-sustainable life. 

See her artwork here.

Ronaldo Unruh is 27 years old and lives in the community “Yalve Sanga” in Boquerom, Paraguay. He belongs to the Enlhet peoples, one of the more than 40 ethnic groups that inhabit the Gran Chaco Americano. He is a member of a working group that compiles the history of his peoples. To know more about him and his work visit his personal website

Click here to see his artwork: Extenuados, Sabio, Consiguiendo agua.

Newton Mori Julca is a Peruvian historian, archeologist and a self-taught plastic artist. He is part of the indigenous organization Chirapaq since 2010, where he is responsible for advocacy for indigenous peoples rights. He is a specialist in the dynamics of racism and discrimination, having undertaken research on how those realities shape people’s identities, impacting in the configuration of States, power relations and the realization of an active citizenship. His work in Chirapaq includes the development of visual art rooted in the Andean region.

Click here to see his artwork: Ancestria, Madre tierra, Mascara.

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