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The Global Forum on Indigenous Youth, co-organized by FAO, Global Indigenous Youth Caucus (GIYC) and the Indigenous Champions of the UN Food Systems Summit 2021, establishes a space of dialogue between Indigenous youth representatives, member countries and other stakeholders to discuss their challenges, priorities and prospects related to food security and climate change, to feed their recommendations into the UN Food Systems Summit 2021. The Forum results from a 2017 recommendation from UNDESA to FAO through the UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues, which built upon FAO´s work with the Global Indigenous Youth Caucus in 2017 and the Rome Declaration on Indigenous Youth. Indigenous Peoples’ food systems are considered some of the most sustainable in the world, and Indigenous youth are the present and future of Indigenous peoples’ food systems and their contributions are therefore important to the rest of the world. They hold a profound understanding of their cosmogonies, beliefs, culture, heritage, livelihoods and territories, and their ability to combine innovations and modern technology with traditional practices, gives them a key role in the fight against climate change, resilience and in the path towards food security and Zero Hunger.

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The Forum from 16th-18th of June will take place through 3 global sessions, as well as one regional consultation in all seven socio-cultural regions. 

The Global Sessions will cover panels and discussions between different stakeholders and Indigenous youth panellists and are open to all who wants to listen in and contribute! SIGN UP FOR THE GLOBAL CONSULTATIONS

The Regional Consultations are primarily intended for Indigenous Youth to gather their policy recommendations from the seven socio-cultural regions. SIGN UP FOR THE REGIONAL CONSULTATIONS

Wednesday, 16 June 2021:

  • Spiritual Opening Ceremony
  • High-Level Remarks
  • Stories from Indigenous Youth
  • Regional dialogues for Latin America and North America

Thursday, 17 June 2021:

  • Showcasing Indigenous Youth innovative solutions for food security
  • Reports from the seven socio-cultural regions on recommendations to the UN Food Systems Summit
  • Discussion on policy recommendations from Indigenous Youth to the UN Food Systems Summit
  • Regional dialogues for Artic, Asia, Russia and Eastern Europe, Pacific and Africa

 Friday, 18 June 2021:

  • Intergenerational dialogue on transmission of traditional knowledge for food security
  • Presenting the Declaration
  • Closing remarks



The Global Indigenous Youth Caucus is comprised of numerous Indigenous youth from various States, organizations, socio-economic and cultural backgrounds. The Global Indigenous Youth Caucus was formally inaugurated in 2006. FAO organized a meeting with the Global Indigenous Youth Caucus from 5 to 8, 2017 to update and incorporate the concerns of indigenous youth in the work of the Organization. The meeting resulted in the “Rome Statement”, which includes recommendations regarding UNDRIP and the Sustainable Development Goals.