FAO in Indonesia

World Food Safety Day: Safe Food in Markets

FAO Representative in Indonesia Stephen Rudgard delivered his key note speech at the first ever webinar on world food safety day in Indonesia led by Indonesia Food and Drug Authority (BPOM) source: BPOM


Amidst the Pandemic of Covid 19, Indonesia celebrated the 2nd World Food Safety Day (10/6), in a webinar led by National Drugs and Food Authority (BPOM) in Jakarta, Indonesia. The webinar titled "World Food Safety Day: Safe Food in Markets" were attended by key partners in food safety practice in Indonesia. 

FAO Representative in Indonesia Stephen Rudgard delivered the key note speech at the webinar through a video recording. He appreciated BPOM initiave to conduct such celebration, embaracing a new ways of working and celebrated the event with online comunities. 

"As the National Regulatory Authority that are responsible for food safety control in Indonesia, I appreciate that BPOM always stands ready to ensure that food safety becomes one of the most important issues, especially during this challenging time of Covid-19 pandemic, " he said.

The pandemic has heightened  awareness about the need for personal hygiene, such as frequent hand washing, to avoid transmitting the virus. It has also reminded everyone that similar good hygiene practices are always needed in the preparation and handling of food.

 "As emphasized by BPOM that this event will be a good opportunity to all of us to develop and urge good hygiene practices in all market activities to prevent the spread of the Covid-19 and food-borne diseases in the future, " he added. 

Stephen also reminded that all parties need to make sure that the pandemic will not stop the effort control the food that are provided in the market are safe.  "This year’s celebrations are dedicated to all those who have ensured that the crisis has not interrupted supply chains and that safe food remains available, contributing to the consumption of healthy diets: from the workers in the fields to those in the supermarkets and to all those preparing food for others and themselves" he said. 

Stephen stressed that FAO, along with WHO, will work together with the Government of Indonesia to improve food safety through better coordination Ministries and departments, developing a robust regulatory framework and assisting in the implementation of good practices from farm to fork. FAO also works with industry, farmers, value chain actors and NGOs to ensure safe food for consumers and to increase trade in agriculture commodities.

The Head of  BPOM Penny K. Lukito who delivered her lecture at the webinar reiterrated the importance of food security. Food security can not bee seen in a public health point of view,  but also it shows the quality and resilience of a nation. "BPOM continues to be committed to food supervision including increasing cooperation with stakeholders and development partners both nationally and internationally such as the FAO and WHO" she said.