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Q: What jobs are available at FAO in my field? I am an agronomist with experience in a number of countries.
A: Vacancy Announcements are published on the FAO web site at the following address: Employment. Information such as the duties, responsibilities and minimum requirements for the position are given.

Q: How do I apply for a job at FAO?
A: Vacancies are listed at: Employment. To apply, you must:

Q: What type of expertise do I need to work at FAO?
A: FAO employs people from a range of areas of expertise. Please view the FAO's expertise and field work to understand the scope and activities. Consult the Vacancy announcements site for all details required.

Q: Could you please tell me if Georgia is currently under-represented at FAO?
A: Please consult the lists of under-represented and non-represented countries.

Q: What is the status of my application for a job with FAO?
A: Applicants will be contacted only if they are short-listed. In this connection please note that the selection process may take up to six months for completion. You may view the filled positions list to see if the position that you applied for has been filled yet.

Q: What education level and work experience are necessary to qualify for the Young Professionals program?
A: Visit the Young Professionals program 's website to read all necessary information on this subject.

Q: Does FAO have an internship programme?
A: FAO does not have any regular internship programme, however, the Organization has launched a Volunteer Programme. Prospective FAO Volunteers must meet the following criteria:

Volunteers under the Programme will not receive any remuneration nor special privileges and immunities.

To apply, download the Personal History form and enclose a written proposal (maximum 2 pages) describing the objectives and expected results of the voluntary work. The complete application should be sent to the following address:

Recruitment Support and Temporary Assistance Group,
Personnel Division,
Viale delle Terme di Caracalla,
00100 Rome.
E-mail: Volunteer-Programme

Upon receipt, your application will be referred to the appropriate Department. You will be informed in due course of the outcome of the evaluation.

Q: Does FAO offer grants?
A: FAO does not have funds available to support individual requests. The FAO Fellowship programme is a world-wide endeavour and all awards form an integral part of technical assistance projects. As such projects are agreed upon in advance by the government of recipient developing countries, the donors and FAO, it is not possible for the Organization to take individual requests into consideration.

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