International Network of Food Data Systems (INFOODS)

Food nomenclature, terminology and classification systems

Food nomenclature, terminology and classification systems are important and need to be unambiguous and complete. Several guidelines and classifications exist but most are purpose specific. See the links below for more information.


Guidelines for Describing Foods: A Systematic Approach to Describing Foods to Facilitate International Exchange of Food Composition Data by Truswell et al (1991) Journal of Food Composition and Analysis


Codex classification of Foods and Animal Feeds, Draft Revision-1 (2006) The Classification is intended to be as complete a listing of food commodities in trade as possible, classified into groups on the basis of the commodity’s similar potential for pesticide residues and is also appropriate for other purposes, including food composition and consumption


This site describes LanguaL, how it is structured and maintained, and provides discussions and downloads

EUROCODE 2 Food Coding System

This site provides documentation on the system, and information on reviewing and modifying the existing classification


FAOSTAT definitions and classifications of commodities

Published papers on food nomenclature, terminology and classification systems

Taxonomic Databases


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