International Network of Food Data Systems (INFOODS)

Oceania food composition tables


New Zealand

  • Three NZFCD output products were published on the website and updated on 1 April 2015:
    (1) The New Zealand FOODfiles 2014 Version 01 containing approximately 2600 Food Records with more than 360 food components . It replaces the previous version, FOODfiles 2013 Version 01.
    (2) The Concise New Zealand Food Composition Tables, 11th Edition 2014 containing >1000  foods with 36 food components updated on the same website. It replaces the existing 10th Edition  2013 and has been expanded to include both Excel and .pdf versions as result of users requests.
    (3) A searchable database for Nutrition Information Panel (NIP) is also updated on the same website.  It is a subset of the FOODfiles 2014 Version 01 and meeting the Nutrient Information Requirements for the FASNZ Standard 1.2.8.
    These products are supported by the New Zealand FOODfiles 2014 Manual. The web contents were updated for external users.

Pacific Islands

Papua New Guinea

Solomon Islands




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