International Network of Food Data Systems (INFOODS)

Food composition tables for Romania

  • Nutritional Evaluation of Wheat Milling Variants  [L'Analyse Nutritionnele des Variantes de Mouture du Blé] R Segal, University of Galati. Buletinul Universitatii din Galati, Anul II 1979, Fascicula VI:43-52. 1979*, 10 pp. (French, with English summary)
  • Manual de dietetica [The Book of Dietetics] I Mincu, Cantacuzino Clinics-Bucharest Ed Medicala, Bucharest 1973 (Romanian)
  • Valoarea Nutritiva a produselor agroalimentare [The Nutritive Value of Agricultural Food Products] R Segal, B Segal, V Gheorghe, V Teodoru, University of Galati, and Hygiene and Public Health Institute-Bucharest Ed Ceres, Bucharest 1983* (Romanian)




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