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Home-Based Fruit and Vegetable Processing: A Manual for Field Workers and Trainers
The Manual on Home-based Fruit and Vegetable Processing is composed of two books. This book ...
2008 English/Pashto/Dari FAO - Susan Azam Ali; Charlotte Dufour
Good Practice for assuring the post-harvest quality of exotic tree fruit crops produced in Jamaica
'The training guide is designed to serve as a learning and training resource for practitioners and ...
2008 Inglés FAO - Keerthi B. Palipane, Rosa Rolle
On-Farm Mycotoxin Control in Food and Feed Grain – Training Manual
When we eat food that we have grown or bought we are unwittingly consuming many ...
2007 Inglés FAO - Peter Golob
Self Study and Training for Members and Staff of Agricultural Co-operatives
This manual offers guidance to field workers involved in advising and providing training for committee ...
2006 Inglés ©FAO under licence from ILO
Good Practice for the small scale production of bottled Coconut Water
A learning resource for small and micro entrepreneurs who bottle coconut water, as well as ...
2006 English/French/Spanish FAO - Rosa Rolle