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TitleRural processing and preserving techniques for fruits and vegetables
Author(s)G. Amoriggi
Document TypePublication (book)
AbtractThe present technical manual answers the problems of fruits and vegetables preservation in countries where the socio-economic conditions required for the development of food processing are not satisfactory. In fact, the transfer of models of economic growth is not always possible: largescale industrial production requires considerable investment and markets that can ensure sufficient profits. The techniques described in this book are widely used in western countries, and here lend themselves to two types of application: -processing by the producer of the fruits and vegetables required for family consumption; -cottage-industry processing of products for the market by setting up modular units requiring an investment and limited expertise.
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Commoditiesyams / citrus / mangoes / fruits / Vegetables / tubers / carrots / cabbage / potatoes / tomatoes / beans, green / okra
TopicsStorage protection and postharvest physiology / Primary processing of food commodities (e.g. cleaning, drying, milling, etc.) / Secondary food processing (e.g. formulation of final food products) / Socio-economic aspects of postharvest development / Postharvest systems management / Training opportunities