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Esta sección proporciona el acceso a documentos que cubren múltiples actividades de poscosecha de los productos agrícolas. Incluye tanto un Motor de Búsqueda Simple y un Motor de Búsqueda Avanzada de modo de facilitar la información requerida.

Siempre que ha sido posible las publicaciones se presentan como archivos pdf descargables.

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This manual is designed to provide practical approaches to promoting the preservation of fruits and vegetables, adding value and in the process minimising losses.
Manual de formación      2003      Alzamora, Guerrero, Nieto, Vidales       (Inglés)      Download document
Upgrading rural markets is one way to improve access to marketing opportunities. This guide is designed to assist community planners, rural engineers and agricultural extension units to formulate and implement relevant market development plans. The types of issues covered in this guide include designing markets that meet a community's social [...]
[series]      2003      John Tracey-White      (Inglés)      Download document
The manual is the result of contributions from a selection of different authors, mainly from countries in Latin America. It contains basic concepts and operations of processing, which are essential for a better understanding and comprehensive approach to the application of the combined methods technology. Some practical examples are described [...]
[series]      2003      Gustavo V. Barbosa-Canovas;      (Inglés)      Download document
Post harvest losses exceed 30 % in many developing countries. A majority of these losses are due to the unavailability or inadequacy of infrastructure for efficient handling, storage and processing. High cost of processing technologies and lack of information or appropriate know-how in processing, also contribute to the levels of [...]
[series]      2003      Alzamora, Guerrero, Nieto, Vidales      (Inglés)      Download document
This guide describes, in fairly simple terms, the market research that agroprocessors can carry out, and some of the ways of doing such research. Market research can never guarantee success but it can certainly increase the likelihood that the new business will turn out to be profitable. It can identify [...]
[series]      2003      A.W.Shepherd      (Inglés)      Download document

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