Information Network on Post-harvest Operations - INPhO
Technical Guide for Eritrean Growers of Harvesting, Curing and Storing of Onions. A summary of procedures for growers to improve post harvest practices.
Training Document      2004      FAO - Andrea Bellincontro, Danilo Mejia      (English)      Download document
This fumigation guide has been written to tell, and show, users how to do fumigations with the fumigants phosphine and methyl bromide using gas proof sheets to treat: -bag-stacks of grain, and other commodities -loaded freight containers -other products or cargoes, such as timber and machinery, that can be enclosed [...]
Training Document      2004      FAO - J.E. van Someren Graver       (English)      Download document
Details of postharvest handling practices for low-input and/or small-scale handlers of horticultural commodities
Training Document      2004      Lisa Kitinoja and Adel A. Kader      (English)      Download document
Les pertes apres recolte depassent 30 pour cent dans beaucoup de pays en developpement. Elles sont, pour la plupart, dues a des infrastructures inexistantes ou inadaptees au maniement, au stockage et au traitement des denrees. Les technologies relatives a la transformation ainsi que le manque d'informations ou un savoir-faire inapproprie [...]
Series      2004      Alzamora, Guerrero, Nieto, Vidales      (French)      Download document
The manual has been prepared by Elke Peiler of ICUC in consultation with Sue Azam-Ali, other members of ICUC and the national partners of five targeted countries in Asia. It is intended to be a source of technological background information on post-harvest handling, processing, storage, pack-aging, hygiene and for business [...]
Series      2004      International Centre for Underutilised Crops      (English)      Download document
Documento sobre la nuez que contiene informacion sobre su valor nutricional y su efecto en la salud; un mapa global indicando paises y varios tipos de nueces que producen; recetas practicas a base de nueces; una galeria de fotos que permite identificar las principales nueces consumidas en el mundo.
long (over 2 hours)      2004      N.A.      (Spanish)      Download document
Document about nuts containing information on its nutritional value and effects on health; a global map indicating types of nuts and countries where they are produced; practical recipes with nuts; a gallery of photos that allows users to identify the main nuts consumed in the world.
Select One      2004      Fundacion Nucis (Salud y Frutos Secos)      (English)      Download document
L'etude de ce projet est ainsi dans la continuite d'un projet realise par Raja Ehsan Aziz, agronome ayant travaille en collaboration avec la FAO dans le cadre du developpement durable en Afghanistan
long (over 2 hours)      2004      B.Bachart; C.Declerck; C.Charrier      (French)      Download document
Post-harvest manual
long (over 2 hours)      2004      Lisa Kitinoja; Adel A. Kader      (English)      Download document
Este libro recoge el esfuerzo institucional sobre caracterizacion, manejo y transformacion de especies frutales promisorias de la region amazonica colombiana.
Series      2004      M.S. HERNANDEZ G.; J.A. BARRERA G.      (Spanish)      Download document